About Omega


We started out in 1992 as a loose association of independent consultants, known as Omega Systems Associates. Today, we’ve grown into a national company with almost 100 employees.  Our services have grown from Patient Accounting Consulting and Charge Master engagements, to Full Revenue Cycle Enhancement services that include: Lost Charge Audit and Recovery Services, Medicare Compliance Services, Defensive Audit Engagements, Charge Master Compliance and Optimization Projects–and anything else that our clients ask us to do!

When we started,  we had our laptops. Now, we have an IT department complete with programmers, analysts, and engineers. We offer several powerful web-based applications. The first one we developed was our CDM product, ChargeMASTER.   It provides Compliance Alerts, Modeling capability, as well as a Pricer–all updated with the most recent Medicare changes.

In addition, our web-based claims scrubber “OCExaminer” (Omega’s Claims Examiner), will take a batch of claims, check them for compliance with all of Medicare’s edits, and return them with each problem clearly identified for correction. Clients can submit the clean ones themselves, or we can submit them directly to the carriers.  But that’s just the beginning.  We have programmed thousands of edits to ensure that commercial and managed care claims are complete and compliant.  On top of that, we have created an area of user-defined fields so that a facility can make its edits payer specific.

As a company, we are committed to providing hospitals with the highest quality, results-oriented consulting and technology services available today. We will not come into a facility, ask a bunch of questions, and send a stack of reports a few weeks (or months!) later. During our Lost Charge Recovery projects, for example, we do everything from pulling medical records, auditing them, and billing the carriers to following up on the payments. All a hospital has to do is collect the money. We even work with our clients’ staff to correct the problems we find–in essence, working ourselves out of a job!

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes–large, small, rural, urban–but our solutions are big and powerful.  We have added over $150 million to their collective bottom lines so far, and we continue to find new, improved solutions for their Revenue Cycle issues.

We are members of HFMA, preferred vendors for Premier, and have a business alliance with Proginet Corporation.  In addition, we are members of CORE.  Most recently, we have been awarded the prestigious Peer Reviewed designation from HFMA.

Omega Technology Solutions is a privately owned Certified Women’s Business Enterprise and is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of its clients.  We have worked very hard to earn our reputation of delivering professional results with a personal touch and we will continue to earn it with every new client that engages us.


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