Leading the Healthcare Industry with SaaS


Our powerful software solutions are designed for ease of use and accessibility. They are web-based, which means that, as the hosting facility, we at Omega are the ones responsible for keeping the applications’ content current, not your staff. Most importantly, our 7X24 secure facilities ensure uninterrupted uptime, with hardware/software updates and maintenance performed during off-peak hours. You have full access to our state of the art system, along with the protection of our application security software. We offer both front-end and back-end tools as well as single sign-on state of the art security software.

ChargeMASTER is a comprehensive resource for hospital ChargeMASTER and MIS staffs. Since it is a web-based application, ChargeMASTER is available to analyze your CDM any time you need it. The system can instantly pinpoint items that need to be updated for regulatory compliance and identify new or revised codes that will increase reimbursement yields.

In addition, ChargeMASTER provides information to assist the user in identifying possible solutions.

Here’s how it works. You submit your CDM for review via a password-protected, encrypted Internet VPN. You receive back a comprehensive report.

The OCExaminer solution provides web-based claims editing allowing hospitals to submit their claims, validate them against OCE edits, and receive reports detailing any rejections. We have dedicated staff to maintain all of the edits, thereby allowing the hospital billing staff to simply submit the claims file and get a report of any rejected claims. All of the processing takes place on our secure servers and is completed within hours of submission.

Companion code edits are found in the OCExaminer Enhanced module of the application. This functionality greatly enhances the breadth and depth of the OCExaminer system, while minimally impacting claims file processing. The following is a listing of some key companion code edits:

143 Radiology codes in various combinations with 488 procedure codes, resulting in thousands of coding combinations, 60 Injection/Infusion edits for OPPS and Non-OPPS, 50 Diagnosis codes to identify missing infusion codes, 40 Coding combinations to identify codes that should not be billed together, 9 codes for maximum units and ensuring that an initial/primary code exists for any add-on codes, resulting in approximately 20 combinations, 167 I-9 procedure codes and 204 HCPCS codes used in a variety of combinations to identify missing carve outs and carve-out related procedures, resulting in the following combinations: 414 I-9 to HCPCS, 168 I-9 to Revenue code, 204 HCPCS to Revenue code

An additional module of the OCExaminer Enhanced system, OCExaminer Enhanced+, allows the user to create custom edits through user-defined fields. The purpose of this functionality is to capture the unique elements of your managed care contracts and ensure that payer-specific items are evaluated for coding and billing accuracy prior to submission to the payer.


1 Response to Leading the Healthcare Industry with SaaS

  1. Vince says:

    I use these systems everyday and it is amazing all the logic they have. It is an exceptional tool.

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